Upcoming elections

This list comes from the excellent ACE project cross referenced with other sources. It still doesn’t seem to be comprehensive though so please use the comments page below if you know of any election not listed here:


23 January: Central African Republic, President (1st Round) and Parliament

23 January: Portugal, President

31 January: Niger, Parliament and President (1st Round)


6 February: Cape Verde, Parliament

13 February: Switzerland, Referendum

13 February, Chad, Parliament

18 February: Uganda, President (1st Round) and Parliament

20 February: Chad, Parliament

25 February: Ireland, Parliamentary


4 March: Samoa, Parliament

6 March: Estonia, Parliament

6 March: Benin, President (1st Round)

8 March: Micronesia, Parliament

9 March: Uganda, President (2nd Round)

12 March: Niger, President (2nd Round)

20 March: Benin, President (2nd Round)

20 March: Central African Republic, President (2nd Round)

20 March: Haiti, President (2nd Round)


2 April: Nigeria, Parliament

7 April: Benin, Parliament

8 April: Djibouti, President

9 April: Nigeria, Parliament

9 April: Iceland, Referendum

10 April: Peru, President and Parliament

16 April: Nigeria, President

17 April: Finland, Parliament

26 April: Nigeria, Gubernatorial

27 April: Yemen, Parliament

30 April: Laos, Parliament

At some point: Syria, Parliament


2 May: Canada

4 May: Madagascar, President

5 May: United Kingdom, Alternative Vote referendum

7 May: Ecuador, Referendum

8 May: Chad, President

19-21 May: Seychelles President

22 May: Cyprus, Parliament

23 May: Netherlands, Senate (indirect)

At some point: Latvia, President (indirect)

Micronesia, President (indirect)

Vietnam, Parliament


5 June: Macedonia, Parliament

5 June: Portugal, Parliament

5 June: Peru, President (round 2)

12 June: Turkey, Parliament

At some point: Laos, President (indirect)

Saint Barthélemy, Parliament

Saint Martin, Parliament


At some point:Cape Verde, President

São Tomé and Príncipe, President

Seychelles, President

Tunisia, General (now unlikely but who knows?)

Vietnam, President (indirect)


At some point: Guyana, Parliament

Kiribati, Parliament

Liberia, Constitutional referendum


At some point: Egypt, President

Gambia, President

Guatemala, President and Parliament


11 October: Liberia, President and Parliament

23 October: Argentina, Legislative and President

23 October: Switzerland, Federal

At some point:: Bulgaria, President

Cameroon, President

Kiribati, President

Kyrgyzstan, President

Ireland, President

Oman, Parliament

Poland, Parliament


6 November: Nicaragua, President and Parliament

27 November: Democratic Republic of the Congo, President and Parliament

At some point: Gibraltar, Parliament

Mauritania, Parliament

South Ossetia, President


At some point:: Bhutan, National Council

Gabon, Parliament

Russia, Parliament

Saint Lucia, Parliament

Switzerland, Federal Council (indirect)

At some point in the year:

Côte d’Ivoire, Parliament

Croatia, Parliament (by November 2011)

Denmark, Parliament and EU opt-out referendum (by 12 November 2011)

Guinea, Parliament

Madagascar, Parliament

Moldova, President (indirect)

New Zealand, General and Voting method referendum (by 14 January 2012)

Thailand, Parliament

Tunisia, Parliament (by March)

United Arab Emirates, Parliament

Zambia, President and Parliament

Zimbabwe, Referendum


Barbados, Parliament (by January 2013)

Canada, Parliament (by 15 October 2012)

Croatia, Referendum (after EU Treaty of Accession signed)

Faroe Islands, Constitutional referendum

Fiji, Parliament (by September 2014)

Japan, Parliament (by 30 August 2013)

Malaysia, Parliament (by 2013)

Malta, Parliament (by July 2013)

Palestine, President and Parliament

Qatar, Parliament (by 2013)

Singapore, Parliament (by February 2012)

Somaliland, Parliament (by 2012)S

Spain, Parliament (by March 2012)

Ukraine, Parliament (by 2012)

And then of course we have snap elections…


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