Coup in Ecuador

October 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Once we have finished populating the site with articles about nations we will be able to concentrate full time on keeping up with the world’s politics. In the meantime it is still my intention to keep up with all the major coups, elections and other transfers of power.

The situation is far from settled in Ecuador but it does seem that the coup has failed. It appears the police launched a coup but the army were having none of it and with their support President Correa position has been made secure. A friend of mine emailed me from Quito suggesting that if you are going to launch a military coup it is probably a good idea to have a word with the military first. Having just tear-gassed his own president, the Chief of Police is not expected to remain in his post.

The background to this is that the new constitution approved in 2008 called for a number of controversial laws – particularity relating to reform of the civil service – to be passed within the next few months. A series of protests have pushed the timetable for these laws back and back. Some of the opponents of reform are clearly getting increasingly desperate.

A bombastic populist socialist Correa is unlikely to be swayed from his path, and is allegedly toying with the idea of dispensing with his constituent assembly and ruling by decree until fresh elections are called.

In the meantime this song is unlikely to shed further light on events:


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