Please note this blog is now closed, here’s my note about that.

Welcome to who rules where.

This is a forum for discussion of the politics of the world. If you have strong views on the elections in the Philippines, or feel that Bingu wa Mutharika could be doing a better job then this is the website for you.

Over the next six to eight months or so I intend to put up articles about the politics of each of the 192 nations recognised by the UN, as well as the 11 areas which enjoy de facto sovereignty but are not recognised by the UN as sovereign nations. These articles will provide a framework for the discussion of that nation’s politics in the comments below.

The blog will also publish news articles and discussion pieces concerning the world and its politicians. The idea is to avoid the geopolitical  “trade, tanks and terrorists” type analysis which tends  to dominate the reporting of global politics and discuss the nitty gritty of who is in charge and why they are in charge.

As you can see the site is a bit bare at the moment but as an early reader you will have the opportunity to read along as I populate the world with articles. Keep an eye on the “UN recognised states” menu above: the names of the countries will change to HTML links when that article is completed.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute or have any feedback.

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