Guiseley 0 Worcester City 1

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Danny Glover made it 18 goals for the season as Worcester City earned a vital victory at Guiseley. I’m amazed he found the time. Still his recent trip to Haiti is going better than Wycliffe Jean’s; it is still not entirely clear whether or not Jean was shot in the hand but he certainly hasn’t had that welcoming a reception.

However whilst things might be going well for Glover and poorly for Jean on that front, the fortunes of the candidates that they are in Haiti to support are exactly reversed. It is still not clear what Glover’s man – Aristide – is here for, and whilst much has been written about the “hope” Aristide’s return has brought, there doesn’t seem to be anything resembling a plan, or even the beginnings of a plan.

Meanwhile Jean’s candidate, Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, looks set to become the next President of Haiti, although full results and parliamentary results won’t be known for some time.


Wycliffe Jean and Michael Sweet Mickey Martelly Haiti

Wycliffe (left) and Sweet Mickey (right)

Meanwhile Benin surprised me by confirming that the first round result ensured the re-election of Bon Yaji without the need for a second round. The full result was

Yayi Boni – 1,333,153 – 53.18%

Adrien Houngbédji – Democratic Renewal Party – 893,976 – 35.66%

Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané  – 157,642  – 6.29 %

And everyone else, less than 1%.

This article has some helpful background.

And you can find more information on both these elections by hitting the button on your left and scrolling down.


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