Nani has a life sized marble statue of himself wearing a jester’s hat

February 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s true.

Now that you’re reading: Nani is Portugese, but originally hails from from Cape Verde – Africa’s most successful democracy – which goes to the polls on Sunday (6th). You can read more about the political situation here.

Cape Verde is a two horse race between the centre-left PAICV and the centrist MPD. There are simultaneous Presidential and Parliamentary elections. The Presidential elections are by two round first past the post whilst Parliament is elected by by d’Hondt PR.

Last presidential election Pedro Pires of the PAICV narrowly won with 51% of the vote to the MPD’s 49%. Pires had been Prime Minister from independence in 1975 to 1991. With the restoration of democracy the PAICV lost to the MPD in 1991 but with Pires as a candidate he won the Presidential election in 2001 (by just 17 votes) and has held on ever since. The perennial MPD candidate Carlos Veiga is by far the second most influential politician on the islands.

Meanwhile Parliament tends to be more PAICV dominated as the centre and right are more fragmented. Here is the current makeup:

cape verde parties

This time round Pires is not running again; the PAICV will stand Prime Minister José Maria Neves as a candidate (although this is not obvious – his campaign has been somewhat anonymous). Vega is once again the MPD candidate. It has been a rough old campaign; although both sides are saying the Presidency is in the bag and the focus should be on Parliament – an interesting tactic. There have been a series of powercuts on the island recently and it has been found that these were caused by sabotage of a powerplant. The PAICV accuse the MPD of conducting this sabotage to create dissatisfaction with the government. This has caused bad blood and the election commission has told the PAICV fairly strongly that they cannot continue to publicly make the claim unless they produce evidence.

Then there was this video, broadcast as an MPD campaign advert:

The contentious moment occurs about 30 seconds in: two PAICV candidates approached the MPD whilst they were filming their broadcast and “abusively attacked them” according to the MPD. The MPD then included this footage in the final cut. The PAICV claim the whole thing is faked, and that such a stunt is an abuse of the use of election broadcasts.

Could be interesting then.

Nani lifesize statue of himself wearing a jester's hat

Since it seems to be this site's biggest attraction I drawed a picture



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