And then there were five

November 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

There was a  fifth election held over the weekend which, as it wasn’t listed in any of the usual places, almost passed me by. That is not to say it isn’t important. Indeed it is arguably the most important of the lot. Tanzania held elections to its legislative, to its presidency, to local government, and to the government of the semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar.

Tanzanian politics has traditionally been dominated by the left wing CCM, the party of the famous first President of Tanzania Julius Nyerere. Indeed the CCM has never been out of power. Fraud and intimidation have been alleged in the past but these elections are thought to have been the freest yet – and not surprisingly therefore are also proving the most competitive yet.

The two main rivals to the CCM are the conservative CHADEMA and the liberal CUF. Election results for some of the 232 seats elected by first-past-the-post have started to come in already but it is likely that it will be mid week before we have a complete picture and results for the presidency.

It is expected that the CCM’s presidential candidate, the incumbent Jakaya Kikwete, will win – but with a considerably reduced majority. The CCM will probably also win a majority in the legislative, but it could potentially be close. CHADEMA have picked up several seats already, inducing the election of Vincent Nyerere, Julius’ nephew, on a CHADEMA ticket. They also claim to be neck a neck in many of the other seats in which counting has nearly been completed. Hip Hop artists Sugu:

and Nakaaya:

also ran for CHADEMA and it has been tweeted that one of them at least has already won.

Meanwhile the CUF are still convinced they will at least remain the second largest party – and look set to run the CCM close in Zanzibar.

Basically it’s all going to be a bit confusing for a few days so I’m going to wait a while until we have the actual results. All of them. In the meantime expect all three parties to claim victory.



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